Zendaya Fight Twitter Video-Zendaya Getting Beat Up

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Fans were concerned after a woman of colour resembling Z was violently attacked in a viral clip.

In a clip that’s since gone viral, a woman who resembles the actress can be seen as she’s brutally attacked, first punched and later kicked, sending her flying back into a wall which she knocked her head into.

Following the video’s emergence on social media, countless users pointed out the similarities to Zendaya (particularly her Euphoria character, Rue), causing some to express concern for one of their favorite stars, and others to inappropriately react in humor.

Since it’s been confirmed that it wasn’t the Dune performer, many have expressed their discontent with social media’s response to the incident. “[Whether] it’s Zendaya or not, why the f*ck are y’all laughing at a woman getting beat up?” one user pondered. “That’s f*cking weird.

“I know this isn’t Zendaya, but videos of non-Black women never go viral for getting their faces punched in, so I want to know why everyone always thinks it’s hilarious for Black women to consistently get their heads bashed in on social media?” another asked.

Check out more Twitter reactions to the fight clip below!

wether it’s Zendaya or not, why the fuck are y’all laughing at a woman getting beat up?
that’s fucking weird.

— ♌︎ σωτηρη (@greymaneshawty) May 29, 2022

Zendaya gon be confused asf when she wakes up and sees why she’s trending 😭

— REESA🧘🏾‍♀️ (@tresah_sh) May 29, 2022

nah spider-man you can’t let this slide

— DOC (@backendoc) May 29, 2022

Watch Zendaya Fight Videos:

You can also watch the original Zendaya Fight Video by following this link.

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