Art from One Local Real Estate Agent is Getting Nationwide Attention

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Michael Reisor is observant. In scoping out new properties or sitting in cafés, the Douglas Elliman real estate agent keeps his notepad at the ready, preparing to transform the absurdity of daily situations into art. Reisor wants to say what we’re all thinking, and his pithy, minimalist paintings have begun to decorate the walls of transcontinental eateries like New York City’s Milk Bar and Austin’s own Little Ola’s Biscuits. On the heels of his first solo show at Ani’s Day and Night, Reisor talks inspiration, imposter syndrome, and the future of his art.


In 2020, you started your art Instagram, @michaelonpaper. What was the incentive behind that?

I’ve always loved having a running list of observations and things I find funny. I grew up watching Seinfeld, and after my parents made me go to bed, I would sit under the sheets watching it on a little portable TV. I wanted to pair my observations with something visual, so I got some paint. I found it fun and relieving in a visually creative way, like I was making my own thing. In real estate, I’m selling other peoples’ beautiful creations. Whether it’s an architect, interior designer, or builder, I’m just selling it. I reposted my art on my personal account with some courage. I thought, are people going to take my real estate less seriously? But people were like, “This is hilarious.” I started getting these kinds of responses, and I just kept doing it. I think what people admire is you being you.

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