Coinbase Exchange to Faze Out Coinbase Pro by Year-End

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Coinbase Exchange to Faze Out Coinbase Pro by Year-End

According to an update shared by Dan Stone, Group Product Manager, and Andrew Herman, Engineering Manager, the plan to faze out Coinbase Pro is hinged on the fact that the exchange has developed an alternative which is now being integrated with the main Coinbase platform.

Prior to this time, Coinbase customers that want to trade in an advanced setting using the exchange’s Order books makes use of the Coinbase Pro platform. Jostling between the main Coinbase Global Inc (NASDAQ: COIN) exchange and the Coinbase Pro often creates some kinds of friction that generally undermines the plans to make simplicity the hallmark of the platform.

“To resolve this friction and offer customers the best of both worlds, we have rebuilt the full Coinbase Pro advanced trading experience within the Coinbase mobile app and As we continue to add more features to Advanced Trade on Coinbase, we will sunset Coinbase Pro later this year,” the duo said in the announcement.

The Advance Trading interface has all of the features of Coinbase Pro and while the former will be more suitable for experienced traders, the exchange said the latter platform will still be accessible for users who are interested in making use of it pending when it will be shut down.

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