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Md Mohsinur’s love for engineering was evident before he decided to advance his knowledge in the US. Prior to leaving Bangladesh, he had already completed an undergraduate degree in electrical and electronic engineering as well as a postgraduate degree in computer science and engineering. The theses within these qualifications sparked his interest to research the modelling of novel electronic materials and devices. 

Upon researching doctoral degrees in the US, he discovered The Ohio State University’s reputation for making cutting-edge discoveries around topics of such complexity. Furthermore, several of his seniors from back home had nothing but great things to say about the institution.

“Professor Roberto Myers had already supervised my BSc classmate, Sarwar, for his PhD. I talked to Sarwar and he encouraged me to join Professor Myers’s group for my PhD,” he explains. “Online, I began to realise the friendly nature and helpful environment of the group and the research community at large here at Ohio State. This inspired me to join and embark on my doctoral research journey with the electrical and computer engineering programme.”

When he finally arrived in Columbus, Md Mohsinur found out why international students love Ohio State so much. Orientation was a breeze thanks to several cheerfully helpful peers, who helped him navigate the registration process, university logins, smartphone configurations, and more. 

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