“Play to Earn” to Own Remitano Network’s RENEC Token – Press release Bitcoin News

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PRESS RELEASE. “Play & Earn” is no longer a strange term for most GameFi believers. Recently, Remitano Network, Remitano’s blockchain network, has launched a novel airdrop in the format of “Play to Earn”, allowing users to own the network’s RENEC token in the form of “group mining”.

Starting from the free daily RENEC solo mining at Remitano.com, users can now mine together in groups to receive a larger amount of RENEC token airdrop as a reward. Each mining pool is called a mining room, and after 24 hours, the team members will split a larger amount of RENEC than the solo mining effort.

This is a fairly new form of airdrop in the market, making the traditional airdrop less boring.

Participation is quite simple. You just need to sign up for a free Remitano account and start mining solo or in groups.

Try RENEC mining for free here!

Refer to the official RENEC Whitepaper.

The RENEC mining program is limited to a maximum of the end of Q3 of 2022, so the sooner you join the better your chances of owning more of the exchange’s tokens.

Remitano Network Launches Testnet

At the beginning of April 2022, the Remitano Network Team successfully launched a test network (Testnet) that promises strong moves of Remitano, a 9-year-old crypto exchange, in the world of blockchain.

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