Priyanka Nishar of Azent explains Why UK is turning into a hotspot for international students

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New Delhi [India], June 22 (ANI/Mediawire): If you are considering where to study abroad, here is some quick information that might help. This past year, universities in the United Kingdom saw record high student enrolments.

UK universities offer world-class education, which is not just more affordable, but also provide multiple work opportunities within the country. Consequently, the island nation has emerged as one of the most preferred study destinations for Indian aspirants, who now form the third largest international student population there, after students from China and European Union. The number of UK visas issued to Indian students nearly tripled in the past three years to one lakh enrolments, as of Sep. 2021, shows the data from ICEF Monitor.

The application process for applying to the UK universities, however, can be onerous for first-time applicants. Priyanka Nishar, Founder and Managing Director of Azent Overseas Education breaks it down for on how aspiring young students can have a hassle-free journey to their dream study destination. 1) Could you elaborate on the benefits of studying in the UK?

There are many, but one of the biggest benefits is affordability. Courses offered by UK universities are much more affordable than equivalent ones in other developed countries. They are also of a much shorter duration. So, without compromising on quality, students could earn an undergraduate degree in three years and a postgraduate degree in just one year. Additionally, students can earn income while studying in the UK as they are allowed to work 20 hours part-time per week and full-time during vacations.

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