Schwartz Awarded Boren Fellowship to Study Abroad

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Jack Schwartz, a second-year political science PhD candidate at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, from Lambertville, Michigan, will pursue Arabic in Amman, Jordan, with support from a Boren Fellowship.

Researching conflict in the Middle East, Schwartz began encountering Arabic in his readings. “In my undergrad, I took four years of Russian and I always enjoyed learning languages as a side hobby, so I started dabbling in Arabic,” he said. His interest in the language took him overseas to Lebanon for a few weeks, where he fell in love with the region’s culture. After a second trip to the Middle East, this time to Egypt, Schwartz decided to make Arabic language and culture a part of his studies.

Schwartz selected Jordan for his Boren Fellowship studies because its dialect of Arabic is similar to those in Syria and the Palestinian territories. He plans to become a foreign service officer for the State Department.

“UT’s vision is to serve the world through enriched ideas and action. Boren Scholarships are an opportunity to cultivate this vision through global educational experiences,” said Amber Williams, vice provost for student success. “These opportunities will help our students expand their perspectives and talents and prepare them for an ever-changing world. It’s an honor for our scholars to be recognized and engage in such a meaningful experience.”

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