State Sen. Muzzall on bipartisan support of insurance commissioner to resign

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After it came out that Washington state Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler fired a whistleblower in his office who had filed a complaint about inappropriate comments started last week, state senators from both sides of the aisle have taken up the call for his resignation. One of them, State Senator Ron Muzzall-R of Oak Harbor, came on the Jason Rantz show to discuss the scandal and why he thinks both Republicans and Democrats are uniting against Kreidler.

One of the most prominent voices that have asked for Kreidler to step down is Washington Governor Jay Inslee, who released a statement last Friday saying that the state “[needs] different leadership in this position.”

“I’m honestly pretty impressed that the governor turned on one of his own party and as asking him to resign,” Muzzall said. “I think that the governor’s pressure brings more pressure to bear on him, this is kind of a long, sad saga, when you look back on it over the last year or year and a half and what has transpired”

Inslee joins calls for Insurance Commissioner to resign, Kreidler refuses

After accusations of racist language surfaced in April, only a month after complaints of abusive language used when speaking to staff, many within the state legislature are questioning if the 78-year-old commissioner, who has been serving since 2000, is what the state needs moving forward.

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