Open Letter To Nigeria Music Producers (Written By @Cripsymixtee, Part 1)

July 1, 2020



Dear Music Producers,
As a fellow and concerned Music Producer I have a few words for you but
before I start, let me say that, you are free to either take it or reject it. My
words may make sense to you or come across as the words of a hater but
whatever the case may be, understand that I respect your hustle.
As a music producer, you have understand that you are beyond the
“STUDIO WORK” As Music producer you need to update yourself regularly
based on sounds and technology. Your last production has to be your least
In recent times we have seen several artiste in the Nigerian Music Industry
“USE AND DUMP” Producers which is so dishearten
Yes, I can understand we producers do a lots of productions based on
personal relationship etc! “My guy”, “My padi” etc
At that time the artiste calls you “BABA” it’s all good but
Note: At the time Having a contract or rather written terms and condition
based on your production wouldn’t be a bad idea.
As a music producer, your beat is an intellectual property i.e. an
(intangible property that is the result of creativity, such as patents,
copyrights, etc) which solely belongs to you
For example the name and product of COCA COLA belongs to the
organization yet their customers pays daily to purchase it but that does
not mean the Customer or Consumer Owns COCA COLA
As a Producer always have this illustration behind your mind and see your production as a “Product”

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However here are some reasons why the artistes you give your beats to
are ripping you off
Firstly, Aside from your Production fees
From the Onset Draft a legal contract or rather written terms and condition signed and accept by the artiste, this will ensure in all ramifications you benefit maximally from international collaborations, streaming platforms and also get your fair share from well-sponsored public performance of songs using your beats etc .

Note: You don’t have to get a largest share but you deserve royalties
Secondly A major problem with producers is that they live in the shadow
of their “BLOWN ARTISTE” Which had a HIT with their Beats, Lets be real, the FANS don’t care about the Producer/Sound Engineer of
the song rather their Focus is on the BLOWN ARTISTE

That’s why you need to create a Trademark that cant be Unshaken for yourself even when the “BLOWN ARTISTE” decide to stop working with you.

Grow Your Social Media You may not realise it but your public image matters. Publicity is key for you at this stage of your career and while you may not have money for certain media attention which the artiste already
has, It’s quite easier now Grow your social media following and ensure
you are actively engaging you followers. Social media is a key tool, Don’t compete with Your “BLOWN ARTISTE” Do you have what it takes?

I have noticed most Nigerian producer have tried to suddenly transform
themselves into a artiste/singer/rapper/managers because Their “BLOWN ARTISTE” Broke their heart. Don’t get me wrong isn’t a bad idea switching but ensure you can manage both sides so you won’t end up frustrated and becoming Jack of all trades master of None
As stated above you are free to either take it or reject it. My words may
make sense to you or come across as the words of a hater but whatever the case may be, understand that I respect your hustle.

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Music Producer, Crispymixtee IG/Twitter: @Cripsymixtee

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